Work modes in the Breeze media window

There are several main types of jobs implemented with video data in the media channels. These main types of jobs are called "work modes" of a media channel. Table 1 enlists main work modes currently supported by Breeze.

Table 1: Work modes
Work mode Streaming channel Data source Description
CLOSED Closed Unavailable Video output is unavailable. Main controls in the browser window are disabled.
Open Original stream User loads one image in a time per channel by applying "Step" / "Step back" commands.
PLAY Open Original stream Single video stream or sequence of individual images is played automatically with a predefined frame rate.

User starts and stops playing by applying "Start" / "Stop" / "Pause" commands.
REPLAY Open Video cash buffer Frames stored in the video cash buffer during "PLAY" mode are replayed back and forth automatically with a predefined frame rate; or are stepped back and forth.

User controls playing and stepping by applying "Replay forth" / "Replay back" / "Replay step" / "Replay step back" / "Pause replay" commands.
EDIT Open Original stream User edit selected image in the separate image editor window.
CONVERT Open Original stream Selected video or image sequence is converted automatically from one format into another. User starts, stops and pauses process of conversion.

Work modes for each channel is shown in the left top corner of the Controller pane, in the text boxes titled "Mode".