Compare Breeze editions

The core features of Breeze editions are shown in the Table 1.

Table 1. Features of Breeze Editions
Features Breeze Light Breeze Standard Breeze Professional
View images
Slide show
Play image or / and video sequences forward or / and backward .
Record image or / and video sequences.
Capture individual images from the video sequences.
Exchange images between any of Breeze video ports and clipboard, back and forth.
Zoom image operations
Open input media source via the file manager with a preview window
Save images from any video port of Breeze to the graphical file via file manager with preview image window
Number of media channels per document 4 4 4
Custom number of channels Up to 1024
Synchronous playing, recording and processing of image sequences of video sequences in primary and assistant channels back and forth in the same or opposite directions
Regulated “on the fly” speed of playing, recording, processing
Fast “on the fly” synchronous / asynchronous reversing of play direction
Basic image processing functions
Full set of image processing functions
Advanced professional set of image processing functions
Custom set of user interface, application and image processing features