Breeze toolbars

Toolbars are displayed across the top of the application window, below the menu bar. They provide quick mouse access to many tools used in Breeze.

To hide or display the toolbar, click Toolbar from the View menu, and then select toolbar you want to show or hide.

Another way to show or hide toolbars is to place mouse cursor over the toolbar panel and to click right button of a mouse. A drop down list of toolbars names will appear over toolbar panel. Click the toolbar you want to show of hide.

When Breeze main window is minimized some toolbars will display only part of all available buttons. In that case on the right side of toolbar achevron ">>" icon appears, indicating that there are more toolbar buttons available than it is displayed currently. To access hidden buttons click chevron icon">>". A drop down list of hidden buttons together with definitions of commands will appear. Click the button corresponding to the command you need.

Currently Breeze supports the following toolbars:

Standard Most frequently used commands

Go Main commands used by the browser window in the "Play" mode

Channel Commands controlling state of channels

View Commands controlling configuration of video panels in the browser window

Zoom Commands controlling zooming of images displayed in the browser window