View menu commands

The View menu offers the following commands:

Primary Video Panel Maximized Maximize or minimize primary video panel.
Assistant Video Panel Show or hide assistant video panel.
Controller Show or hide controller panel.
Normal Normal screen view.
Full screen with controls Full screen view with controls/ slides and video.
Full screen Full screen view / slides and video.
Full screen auto Full screen view auto hide / video.
PIP: Primary Video Panel Enable/Disable "Picture In Picture" in the primary video panel..
PIP: Assistant Video Panel Enable/Disable "Picture In Picture" in the assistant video panel.
PIP (Picture In Picture) Options... Open "Picture In Picture" options dialog.
Zoom plus Zoom in view (+).
Zoom minus Zoom out view (-).
Zoom 1000% Zoom to 1000%.
Zoom 500% Zoom to 500%.
Zoom 200% Zoom to 200%.
Zoom 175% Zoom to 175%.
Zoom 150% Zoom to 150%.
Zoom 125% Zoom to 125%.
Zoom 100% Zoom to 100%.
Zoom 50% Zoom to 50%.
Zoom 25% Zoom to 25%.
Zoom 10% Zoom to 10%.
Fit view Zoom to fit image into view.
Fit width Zoom to fit width.
Fit height Zoom to fit height.
Fill view Zoom to fill entire view with image.
Custom Custom zoom.
Toolbar Standard Toggle Standard toolbar.
Toolbar Go Toggle Go toolbar.
Toolbar Channel Toggle Channel toolbar.
Toolbar View Toggle View toolbar.
Toolbar Zoom Toggle Zoom toolbar.
Status Bar Show or hide the status bar.